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Welcome to the HLC Wikia

if u dont love hamster u can shu tthe fuck and get the F*CK OUT

About Hamster Lovers Crew

Hamster Lovers Crew, a group that consists of eleven people (currently), is a very exclusive group that revolves around a few topics: Hamsters, Porn films, and the furry fandom. Although the members interests vary slightly, they're mostly here for the same thing. Some things that the members love are shitty anime, macaroneh, two hundred hour long Skype calls, hamsters, and cats.

?@ ^Teruteru?@ ^Hanamura?@ ^Super?@ ^Dangan?@ ^Ronpa?@ ^2?@ ray sipe;parody

?@ ^Teruteru?@ ^Hanamura?@ ^Super?@ ^Dangan?@ ^Ronpa?@ ^2?@ ray sipe;parody

The HLC was founded on April 9, 2014.

Latest activity

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